The sacrifice. Is it worth it? I will tell you now that from the beginning I went back and forth about having my hair shaved for my ocha. I’ve had long hair my whole life and have also cut my hair very short several times, but my grandmothers words still ring in my ears, “Don’t you ever let anybody cut your hair!” Or “If anyone asks you were you get your hair from you tell em Jesus gave it to ya!”

We are taught early that our hair is our glory etc etc. On top of the myth that black women can’t grow their hair. 🙄All this went thru my head when I was told early on that my hair would possibly be shaved when I go into the priesthood.

This year for the first time in a long time my hair actual hit my waistline and just months before my ocha. I think I cut it into a bob a few years ago but it’s grown back since. It’s hair it grows back!

When we consider that our hair holds on to so much. Trauma pain good and bad experiences etc. The idea of letting go didn’t seem so bad. Finally the last thought was, “ What is it worth?” Was the sacrifice of my hair worth everything that I’m in need of from this elevation? My sons health, my health, what am I willing to part with or let go of to move into the space already prepared for me and my family.

Could I let something as simple as hair keep me from my destiny and purpose. HELL NAW!!
Nobody really wanted to be the one to take the first cut but everyone knew it would be worth it. It felt so amazing to let it go. I felt like so much weight was lifted up off of me with every snip. I didn’t feel sad or like crying. It was more of a, “ you gotta do what you gotta do” type a deal, and it was done.

I have no regrets. I feel so amazing! This first 3 months will be pretty tough with all the restrictions you have as an #iyawo but I’m up for the challenge. I hope my experiences and my walk can assist others while on their journey. It’s a pretty Interesting space to be in to say the least.

I can’t go live or post pics of myself. So posts like these will have to do for now. You can visit the site blog section to keep up with my random musings or ramblings that come to mind while on this path. ❤️ Ase
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Hell yea i like how you handled that decision and am so glad you went in with no regrets. Much love light and respect to you!


Bendicion. I’m in my iyawo year now and I do not regret it either. I might have my human thoughts at moments. But I wouldn’t have changed a thing. ✨

Ibu Tinibu







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