My Reason

My Reason
Blog post Part 1

This pic was taken at my ocha. He was so happy and proud. One of the nights I was in the throne he had a seizure and I wasn’t supposed to leave the throne to get to him. Everyone assured me he was ok and to go back under the throne. The feeling of hearing your child suffer in the middle of the night and hopping up with a quickness cause your so use to it. I forgot I was in the throne and was headed to that room.

Nobody knows or understands your walk but can talk about you and think they know your intentions but at the end of the day until they walk in your shoes have no idea.

My journey started with him, I am a priest because I was looking for healing for my child. The walk came with extra assignments and duties which I’ve been very obedient to but the one thing I was in it for is no longer here.

(There’s more to this story, like how I was lied to so he didn’t get to be crowned with me but I’ll share when the time is right…Because it is a very well know fact that when someone is fighting for their life they can be crowned with someone else for FREE but i was told that the day before by an outside priest, but when I asked, was told the price would be doubled $7500x2 and i didn’t have that at the time at such short notice. I honestly didn’t know much at all about how it worked to even understand he could even crown with me to help his life possibly. No one had ever expressed that possibility to me. I thought it had to come up in odu to be crowned.) Anyway…

So why keep going? I’ve asked myself a million times. I remember when I wanted to cancel my ocha and he started crying, he told me. “mom you have to do this! You can’t give up now.” That’s my why. I can hear him. Both of us with tears in our eyes hugging and me promising him I won’t give up.

All of the other reasons people do this mean nothing to me. Power, money etc etc. That’s all bullshit. My son watching me fight for my destiny is priceless. Meeting him after I’m done here and him telling me he’s proud of my work is all I desire.

He’s already experienced the mystery of transition so I have nothing to be afraid of. I am passionate about this walk and this work and I dare a mf to test me on that. My heart and intentions are pure and this is why I have nothing to lose when it comes down to it. I won’t stand for anything but righteousness.

Everything else can kick rocks. Mark my words. I don’t intend to play any games. This is our walk. Khadji and mine. Anything other than this truth is against Olodumare.
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