This journey began after a near-death experience at three years old, where I was resuscitated after drowning. This pivotal event marked a spiritual calling on my life, along with being raised by profoundly spiritual and religious grandmother that instilled ancient wisdom from her time in me.

In my mid twenties, I was inspired by my personal healing journey with rare vascular and heart conditions, to embraced alternative healing over traditional medicine.

Utilizing the transformative power of a rose quartz, I witnessed significant improvements in my health. This was proof to me that crystals could actually heal. 

Synchronicities led me to my ancestral heritage, fueling my intention to heal my son from epilepsy after a brain tumor removal. So I became a devotee of African Spirituality. 

Guided by my elders in the tradition, I opened Stardust & Sage, and was directed to offer Merindillogun divination, spiritual baths, sound baths, and more.

I initiated into Olorisa priesthood (10/10/2020) and as a family we were on the brink of a major surgery to heal my son at Mayo. However due to covid shut downs the surgery was cancelled and my son transitioned 03/21 in his sleep from complications of epilepsy.

Even though the walk has not been easy I am convinced I am walking in my purpose and passion. Helping others and witnessing how impactful and transformative this work is has kept me going. Every step was divinely placed.

Now as an Iyalosha and Egbe priest I’m honored to sit with elders, providing spiritual assistance with ancestral wisdom to others on their path.

Stardust & Sage is a community resource to demystify diverse healing practices, acknowledging our shared connections, experiences and destinies.

 “We are all made of tiny pieces of Stardust “✨