Here at Stardust & Sage our goal is to help demystify our spiritual roots and use methods passed down from our ancestors to heal, transform and manifest, harmony and peace. In store or online we serve as a resource to our community spreading love and support one crystal, herb, candle or service at a time. 
Stardust & Sage
Stardust & Sage

Owo 💸 Money Oil & Idaabo 💣Shungite Protection Jinx Removing Oil

Both of these oils come highly recommended! Our customer have shared some amazing testimonies, from casino winnings or checks in the mail with Owo oil, to banishing unwanted energies or attachments with Idaabo oil. Watch our IG reel to see it work in real time!

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Herbal Yoni Steam Blend

An amazing blend of 9 herbs to help nourish, soothe and restore our sacred womb space

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