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Detox clearing bath and rinse to help remove heavy energy and negativity from the mind body and soul

Created with the intention and Ashe of a crowned Osun and Egbe Priestess, experience the transformative power of our Jinx Removal Bath. Crafted with potent herbs, this spiritual elixir is designed to break witchcraft and negativity, dispelling malevolent entities and alleviating the effects of gossip, envy, and past trauma. It serves as a formidable remedy for navigating problematic relationships and uplifting your overall mood.

Our Jinx Removing Detox Herb Bath is a powerful blend featuring uncrossing herbs, meticulously formulated to eradicate evil and crossed conditions from your life. This bath is your key to shattering curses, dispelling jinxes, and warding off the evil eye.

Handmade with care, this is not just a bath product – it's a personal sacred ritual. The all-natural, organically grown, and ethically sourced ingredients enhance your spiritual experience. Use this time to wash away the outside world's distractions, meditate on your goals, and visualize the transformative results you seek.

Our Excellent herbal mixture is versatile, suitable for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual baths, or burning. Packaged with a steeping bag, each element is 100% natural and free of fillers.

For external use only – this is not a tea. Sold as a Curio, our spiritual products are intended for spiritual purposes. As you embark on your spiritual journey, trust your intuition, research, and explore the possibilities. While we provide the tools, the outcomes of your spiritual work are uniquely yours to discover.



Prepare your ritual with intention and care. Place the herbs in the provided tea bag, securing it tightly. Boil a generous 1-2 gallons of water. Once the water reaches a boil, immerse the tea bag, allowing the herbs to steep until the water takes on the darkest essence. Remove from heat and let it cool to a comfortable, lukewarm temperature.

When ready, run your bathwater to the desired depth. Gently pour in the spiritual bath, infusing the water with its transformative properties. As you soak, focus on your intentions, releasing anything that no longer serves your well-being or aligns with your highest destiny.

Alternatively, for a quicker ritual, stand in the tub or shower and rinse with a portion of the bath. If you choose to soak, let the water drain, then rinse head to toe with the remaining portion in the pot. Whether you immerse yourself in the tub or opt for a standing ritual, the power of the bath is at your command, supporting your spiritual journey



 Place herbs in tea bag provided. Tie bag off so herbs stay securely in the bag. Boil at least 1-2 gallons of water. Once water begins to boil drop tea bag into boiling water to steep. When water becomes darkest remove from heat and let cool to luke warm temperature. Run bath water in tub to desired depth. Pour in spiritual bath. If desired you can add milk, coconut milk or powdered milk etc, this step is optional. Sit in the tub and soak as long as you intuitively need. While you soak place intentions on manifesting peace, harmony, tranquility and gratefulness.


Prescribed custom bath prepared with ashe and fresh herbs. For clients who have been consulted. ***If you need a custom bath please contact us prior to your order for consultation.***


White Clearing bath: additive nurturing bath

Jinx Removal: detoxifying bath


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