New Moon in Sagittarius on this Friday, OSHUN’S Day and my YEMAYA offering day 🔮💕💜🦄

New Moon in Sagittarius on this Friday, OSHUN’S Day and my YEMAYA offering day 🔮💕💜🦄

Wow!! What a way to end the year! Yesterday marked the end of a wild mercury retrograde. Both our vehicles broke all the way down, random money was held up, HOA drama, and I got a ticket for the first in 6 years. WTF!!! 

But GOD!!!! Lol or Olodumare, or the universe whatever it is to you, has come thru today!!! I woke up to breakthroughs, money coming through, shipments arriving so on and so forth. 

What’s also amazing is it rained on my side of the country over night. I’ve been waiting patiently for this rain. Had my bowls out there since Wednesday night. Finally during the New Moon last night it rained. I collect all that rainwater and just in time for a spiritual bath today. 

I collect rainwater and ocean water to clean crystals and to make Moon water etc. I have about 2 gallons of each. But, last nights rainwater is special being that it was New Moon Rain Water lol. Collected under a New Moon with the energy of planting new seeds, and manifesting new opportunities. Leaving behind the things that no longer serve us and opening us up to brand new things  or creating a reset in old situations. So it’s kind of a rebirth in my opinion. 

So all of that wrapped up in a spiritual bath to help remove the residue created during retrograde. Knowing that I can add that water and energy to my bath tonight just has me super excited and ready for 2019. 

Oh!!! An added feature... it’s Oshun’s day!! So I’m a daughter of Oshun and Friday is her day. Oshun energy is all about love and relationships, wealth and abundance. Today is the perfect day for all of this greatness to manifest.

Last but not least my Mother Yemaya is at work too! As a daughter of Yemaya I make offerings to her through water on the 7th day of every month. Today I will make time to offer 7 pieces of fruit to the lake out here and add my intentions and requests. 

Today is a very spiritual one for me and all of you!! Take the time to do the math and start using this beautiful planet and nature that aligns in perfect time to heal, transform and manifest.


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