Marching Orders

Marching Orders

Every now and then I get an idiot on my page talking shit about me selling spiritual items and being in this for the money or because it’s trending. What’s so funny about those types of comments is, in those moments I understand that people don’t care or aren’t concerned about the beginning. They see where you’re at and all of a sudden you’re a target.

Recently I had someone comment saying they can find my items at the swap meet. 🙄lmao annnnnd that they can get Florida water for $5. Crazy because I actually sell it for $5 which made it very clear that they didn’t even take the time to look at my prices or anything just popped up to simply attack me.
However Im not naive to the fact that there are tons of companies selling crystals just for the money aspect and not for the healing work. I also am privy to the whole “spiritual trends” as well.

Regardless I was given a job by my ancestors and nothing will stop me from walking my destiny path or doing the work I do.
I came into this thinking this was an absolutely ridiculous idea and laughed at the whole thing. I saw no glory or excitement in selling spiritual products. My ego was not interested in this at all. Lol but here we are a year or two later and I’ve made such beautiful connections with all my fellow starseeds out there.

We’re creating sacred spaces, honoring our ancestors. Digging in and doing our dark work, healing trauma and growing in self love as a collective. No limits all spiritual walks and no judgement. This space was created to assist us all in coming together as a collective and to tap into our power within. Also not everyone has access to these products in their cities etc.

Unfortunately there will be times when we are misunderstood and dismissed as a trend but at the end of the day your work is yours. Our work is our work. Nothing can keep us from healing transforming and manifesting. That’s under our control. Let the bullshit walk! Kick rocks and get lost if that’s not what you’re here for. Love to all my fellow starseeds💕 Keep doing the damn thang. Love ❤️

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Thank you for your store and your website and please I hope I remember to keep coming back here. Memory issues not, alcohol related lol


Do you sell patchouli oil & if so how big of a bottle & price

Rosario Estrada



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