Sodalite Obelisk Tower

Sodalite Obelisk Tower

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Sodalite is an excellent crystal for stimulating the mind and is therefore a great stone to use for meditation. It helps to eliminate confusion and encourages self-acceptance, rational thought and truth.

It helps to bring forth emotional balance and can calm over-sensitive and defensive personalities.
Sodalite is a wonderful crystal for evening out your metabolism and cleansing both your immune and lymphatic systems.

Please note that these are naturally occurring minerals and as such you can expect colour differentiation, cracks, specks and all sorts of shapes. No two crystals are ever the same!

Your crystals come well packaged to keep them safe. I cleanse all crystals with music and reset the vibrations, releasing negative energies they may pick up along the way

You will receive one obsidian stone tower  

Approximately 2.5" -4.25" tall with a 1"- 1.5” base.

This size is approximate and your stone may be slightly smaller or larger.

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