Seven African Powers Candle (7 colors)

Seven African Powers Candle (7 colors)

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Burn a 7 Day 7 Color Seven African Powers Candles as an all purpose candle for solving all your problems - better fortune in money, business, controlling, fast luck, uncrossing and peaceful home. Oh Seven African Powers who are so close to our Divine Savior, with great humility I kneel before thee and implore your intercession before the Almighty. Hear my petition that I may glory in you powers to protect me and provide for my needs. (concentrate on your desires). Amen

THE SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS                                                Do you know who the Seven African Powers are? The image of the Seven African Powers shows a collection of seven different saints: The Lady of Mercy, The Virgin of Regla, The Lady of Charity of Cobre, Saint Barbara, Saint Joseph of Arimathea, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Benito of Palermo, and Jesus on the Cross in the center. Under each saint image ypu can read the name of one of the Orishas. The pictures of the saints are connected through a metal chain with 7 of Ogun tools hanging from the bottom. Because of this image of the Seven African Powers most people mistakenly think that these powers are the Orishas: Elegguá, Ogun, Orula, Shango, Oshun, Yemanja and Obatala.

The Seven African Powers are actually spirits of the dead from the seven different African tribes that were brought to Cuba and forced into slavery. Within the tradition of Santeria the Seven African Powers are araorún (citizens of heaven) – they have nothing to do with the Egun, who are the ancestors of blood. The Seven African Powers consists of a group of 7 different spirits, one from each of the following tribes: Yoruba, Congo, Takua, Kissi, Calabari, Arará, and Mandika. A person who has a connection with the Seven African Powers will have one spirit guide from each of these tribes unique to him.

The Seven African Powers are called upon for help with spiritual evolution, guidance, overcoming obstacles, and cultivation of personal power. Typically they are asked for help by lighting a big candle made of 7 colors or 7 different candles of different colors.


Candle will burn about 120hrs 2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall


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