Sacred Lotus Pink

Sacred Lotus Pink

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Pink lotus has gentle consciousness altering effects. It is believed to help promote feelings of peace and to relieve physical pains. It is gently warming and euphoric, and can help to enhance meditation and promote the feeling of groundingSacred lotus, also known as Nelumbo nucifera, has a rich history of being used as a food source and a traditional herbal remedy.

It offers neuroprotective agents that interact with specific targets and help inhibit Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, it is used to cure diarrhea, insomnia, fever, body heat imbalance, and gastritis. In Korea, India, and China, Nelumbo nucifera is also utilized as a hemostatic.


Dry leaves and flowers of Nelumbo nucifera are often used in health-promoting teas. Moreover, the lotus flower extract is gentle and effective since it is a plant-based ingredient. It not only removes toxins from the skin but also moisturizes it, resulting in clear and supple skin.


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