Large Rose Quartz Obelisk Tower

Large Rose Quartz Obelisk Tower

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1lb-1.5lb Rose Quartz Tower 
✨Rose Quartz is a fierce defender of the heart. Its pink energy soothes the hurt of loss. Placed over the solar plexus, it’s a balancing force. Aligning desire with pure intent, its energy can be cotton candy, a cashmere blanket, and—if summoned—something far more powerful, a force field of sorts that keeps the good vibes in and the dark ones out. If your heart is hungry, feed it with Rose Quartz. If you’re truly blessed, your life will be touched by many loves. People. Places. Passions. Beginnings and endings. Major keys. Minor keys. With an open, fearless heart—and Rose Quartz—you’ll have the equipment to gracefully handle them all.✨


I cleanse all crystals with music and reset the vibrations, releasing negative energies they May pick up along the way

You will receive one rose quartz stone tower.

This size is approximate and your stone may be slightly smaller or larger.

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