Orange Blossom Cologne

Orange Blossom Cologne

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🍊 Full, lush and exquisite a perfect adaption of the scent of the living flower, carried by a gentle breeze on a warm summer’s evening. Extracted from the white flowers of the orange tree, and a prized absolute used as a staple in perfumery

🍊 Orange blossom is associated with good fortune, cleansing, purification, attraction, love, money, new clients

🍊 Helps with anxiety, stress, tension

🍊 Used for cleaning and protection, the orange flower is said to eliminate the impurity of envy, move away badness, draws money and attracts clients.

🍊 Used by some ceremonially as a corporal shield and also to purify spaces, spilling it by drops in houses and places of business.

🔸️ Wash and wipe down rooms, floors, beds, altars, etc
🔸️ Can be used or worn daily
🔸️ Add to a spiritual bath

Made in USA
Not tested on animals

7.5 oz









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