Obsidian Obelisk Tower
Obsidian Obelisk Tower

Obsidian Obelisk Tower

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Beautiful towers made of pure natural obsidian, a natural volcanic glass that is created when lava cools rapidly. These little pieces are the perfect size for jewelry making or collecting. Each has its own unique patterns due to how they were crafted. No two look the exact same! They will make great gifts for crystal lovers or nature enthusiasts, just be careful! They are sharp, handle with care!

Obsidian: Is a protecting and resolving stone!

I cleanse all crystals with music and reset the vibrations, releasing negative energies they May pick up along the way

You will receive one obsidian stone tower  

Approximately 2.5" -4.25" tall with a 1"- 1.5” base.

This size is approximate and your stone may be slightly smaller or larger.

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