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    • This Yemoja candle is from our new 3D Orisha collection. A collaboration with one of my favorite orisha artists. He truly captured the beauty of each orisha in this collection. I hope these reflections of our orisha assist in bringing elevation and inspiration for those on this journey
    • Each candle includes and oriki / praise poem on the back. 
    • When you select for your candle to be fixed or dressed, it is preformed by an Orisa Priest. 
    Candle will burn about 120hrs
  • 2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall

YEMAYA: This beloved Orisha is seen in the ocean waters and as the supernal mother.  She is the giver of all life and the sustenance of the world.

  • IDENTIFICATION: Our Lady of Regla
  • FEAST DAY: September 7th
  • DAY OF THE WEEK: Saturday
  • COLORS: Crystal and Blue

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