African Dream Herb Seeds

African Dream Herb Seeds

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Entada rheedii is commonly known as the African dream herb or snuff box sea bean, and as the cocoon vine in Jamaica. AKA Adenanthera Gogo, African Dream Herb, Balugo, Dipai, Dream Bean, Entada Phaseolides, Entada Pursaetha, Garambi, Garbi, Gogo, Gogong-bakai, Kakavalli, Kessing, Lipai, Matchbox Bean, Mimosa Entada, Mimosaceae Pusaetha Entada, Sea Bean, Sea Heart, Tamayan.


The seed's meat is traditionally employed in native medicine or African Shamanism to induce vivid, waking, lucid dreams, enabling direct communication and interaction with the Spirit World. The inner meat of the seed would be either consumed directly, or the meat would be chopped and dried, then mixed with other herbs (such as tobacco) and smoked just before sleep to induce the desired dream state.


The plant is also used as a topical ointment against jaundice, toothache, ulcers and to treat muscular-skeletal problems. The seeds are sought after as pieces of jewelry and as good-luck charms.


Seed weighs about 1 oz each. 

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