Full Moon Vibes

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My emotions use to be all over the place on the full moon and days surrounding it. I’d be overly sensitive, quick tempered and all drama. 


I started to take note of what was going on on those days and started noticing the majority of those days were full moon weeks. I even noticed my children doing the same thing and decided to create precautionary measures for full moon weeks. Lol


“The Four Agreements” is an amazing book that for me, I put to use during these particular weeks. I also try to just be to myself and more introspective. This keeps me from getting pulled into other folks full moon drama too. 


So today I will burn Palo Santo, clean my floors with a fabuloso and Florida Water mix and take a clearing ritual bath to prepare for the clearing we are doing late tonight. This will keep me focused and out of my feelings. Putting all that strong energy to use.


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